Project Concept

NIKi & Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group has applied for RFP of
Kyushu Nagasaki Integrated Resort Development Project.

We are aiming to set up the solid central control function in IR area and
use this facility for the municipalities surrounding the bay area. By doing so,
IR site would become the model case to realize the Omura Bay Super Smart Community.

Our team, consisting of domestic and local leading companies together with
THE NIKI and Chyau Fwu, will be the core member of developing the Kyushu Nagasaki IR.


Airport Concession

Nagasaki Airport can be improved its service quality leveraging airport concession scheme. The improvement of Nagasaki Airport is the key to increase the number of tourists and to stimulate economy of the region. Once this airport concession scheme is set in plan, it will be possible to increase not only the international flights but also domestic flights.

Nagasaki Airport

The direction that Nagasaki IR is aiming:
IR x Super City = Self-funded Super Smart City


IR can secure the market (more visitors) and capital (income from casino taxes) to fund Super Smart City even in the regional areas like Omura bay area.